Hello, Bright, Green World

1 PM June 14, 2006

Regular visitors will note that this website has changed its name from cardboard.nu to bright-green.com. I’ve been meaning to make the switch for some time now, partly so that people no longer look at me funny when I spell out my email address, and partly because the .nu registrar is a monopoly, with fees to match. The cardboard.nu name doesn’t expire until August, giving everyone time to update their bookmarks.

There is also a new look to match the new name. It makes use of Yahoo’s Grids CSS, which gives reasonable results on both Firefox and IE. If you are a bored geek, you might try twiddling your browser font size up and down. I’m interested in feedback on how the layout works on Safari and Opera.

The title picture is cut and paste from a painting by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, that I found on the Wikimedia Commons. It turns out that using unsharp mask to touch up multi-million dollar paintings is fun.

My new email is alang-at-bright-green-dot-com.

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i don't believe in commas

11 PM February 21, 2005

My new weblog, “nocommas” is up and going at nocommas.blogspot.com. Nocommas is my platform for raving about how neat my children are and ranting about politics.

Cardboard.nu will continue to accrete technical content at the rate of a few posts per month.

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Would you lie to your children? At Christmas?

7 PM January 19, 2005

Karen and I are finding it really hard to ‘do’ Santa Claus with Mitchell and Connor.

For the last few years Mitchell has been somewhat suspicious about Santa Claus. Two years ago we dismissed his concern, telling him, “If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, Santa Claus won’t believe in you” and if Santa doesn’t believe in you, he can’t bring you presents, can he? One year ago, he wanted to build an alarm to attach to the door on Christmas Eve, so he could catch Santa Claus, and verify it for himself. But this year, Mitchell boldly and proudly declared – within earshot of younger brother Connor – that there is no Santa Claus.

We admonished Mitchell that he should let his brother go on believing in Santa Claus, and Mitchell agreed. But Mitchell can’t keep a secret.

On Christmas morning Mitchell and Connor woke up, grabbed their Santa sacks and openned them on the family room floor, showing off each one as it was pulled from the sack. Being a polite boy, Mitchell couldn’t help himself, “Wow! Thanks Mum!” Karen replied with a meaningful stare, and Mitchell figured out what he’d done wrong. “I mean… thanks mum for all the presents you gave me… before… for my birthday…”

Since Christmas, I’d been wondering whether it was OK to keep “lying” to Connor about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. There are pros and cons, but then Connor made it clear that ongoing deception costs.

Being six, Connor is losing his baby teeth. They go into a glass of water, and the tooth fairy takes the tooth, leaving fifty cents. Always fifty cents. In the form of a single fifty cent coin. That’s the way it works at our house, and I’m pretty sure Connor has appraised his mouth, maybe even taken out a mortgage against it. So last week, when Connor lost a tooth while staying at his grandmother’s, and Grandma asked how much the tooth fairy left for a tooth, Connor said, “four dollars.”

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Mid-life begins in January

2 AM December 10, 2004

I think I’ll start my mid-life crisis in January. You see, I’m 35 so any time now is fine, and these things are best done early. January is good because Christmas will be out of the way, and the year doesn’t really begin until February, when the boys go back to school and everything else starts up again.

So what should it be? A fast toy like a motorcycle, a speedboat, or a rally car? I’ve always wanted to get a glider license. And then there’s the drop-out route – retire to “Nimbin” and become a grass farmer? Some people wuss out and just have a slight change of career, but I reckon joining the fire brigade, would be a respectably sized kind of mid-life crisis.

Hmmmm. So much choice.

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An Honest Politician

3 AM August 15, 2004

I wish more politicians as honest as Ross Cameron. While admitting that he had been “unfaithful” to his wife he says:

I think people are entitled to have a more unvarnished view of who I am if I’m asking them to vote for me.


I don’t want people to feel like I’m using Christianity or my kids to get re-elected.

While I don’t applaud Mr Cameron’s infidelity, I do applaud his choice to not spin or lie his way around this issue.

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