Lies, Damn Lies and Dam Statistics

10 PM February 4, 2008

Apparently, we’ve had a lot of rain lately. The water board reckon that it hasn’t made much difference:

Warragamba Dam had received just 30 millimetres of rain since Friday, a spokeswoman for the Sydney Catchment Authority said. “The rainfall we’ve had so far hasn’t been enough to make a significant impact [on dam levels].”

I live in have a different story – 0.1% up over the last few days. That’s a lot of water.

They also have a neat page detailing Sydney’s dam levels over the last few years, and showing the positive effects of the water restrictions. Without the restrictions, Sydney would have run out of water in early 2007.

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At 05:20, 05 Feb 2008 Julian wrote:

I made a related comment about the same paper playing down the dam levels back in April.

Looks like we are both contending for the worst-pun-in-a-post-heading prize.


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