The rest of OSDC day 2

11 PM November 28, 2007

Caught a number of interesting sessions yesterday:

  • Adam Kennedy spoke animatedly on the topic of CPAN 1.5. I have only an abstract interest in the CPAN as a colossal piece of software engineering, but Adam is always amusing.
  • Josh Heumann’s Intermediate Perl Testing turned out to be more about testing than Perl. Lots of good advice for organisations that don’t yet have testing as part of their culture.
  • Google’s own Leslie Hawthorn, Geek Shepherd, spoke about the Google Summer of Code program, which she manages, and then launched a similar program for High School students, Google Highly Open Participation Contest. My eldest is just one year too young to join in this year – next year for sure.
  • Paul Fenwick’s dinner talk, An Illustrated History of Failure was funny, interesting and geeky. Everything a dinner talk should be.

And after dinner, went out with a crowd from Sydney. We drank lemonade and ginger ale.

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At 08:28, 29 Nov 2007 Andy Todd wrote:

Sounds very interesting, still sad I'm missing it.

As for the lemonade and ginger ale - that's bollocks that is.


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