Why United is better than Qantas

10 PM September 17, 2007

United are better than Qantas in all these ways:

  1. They have moisturiser in the bathroom, in addition to the soap.
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The Sydney Declaration of Convenient Aspiration

8 PM September 9, 2007

The Australian Prime Minister is so proud of The Sydney Declaration on Climate Change and Energy, the agreement he shepherded through the latest APEC meeting. He says, “This is the first such agreement involving the major polluters—the United States, China and the Russian Federation”.

True, but disingenuous.

The Kyoto Protocol has already been ratified by 172 countries, including China and the Russian Federation. Only two countries have decided not to sign the protocol, marked in red on this map:

Maps showing Kyoto Protocol signatories

It’s great to see Australia and the United States beating their chests and slapping each other on the back for boldly promising that they aspire to definitely consider addressing carbon dioxide emissions, consistent with the convenience of their respective economies and their societies. They also promised to review each other’s work, to set up an inter-governmental study-group, and to go to any meetings the UN might have on the topic.

Enough to make Sir Humphrey Appleby shed a quiet tear at the beauty of it all.

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