Working at Google

2 PM August 14, 2007

Friends often ask what it’s like working for Google.

It’s great.

You might have heard about the employee perks, but I think the two best things are the people, and the work.

  • Quality co-workers. Most of the engineering staff have done something exceptional, like founding a successful startup, earning a PhD or winning an international programming competition. Some of them have done two of these. Regardless of their background, they’re all smart and they can all code. I never have to explain myself twice (except when I’ve made a mistake and my co-workers are patiently waiting for
    me to correct myself). I’ve worked at a lot of places that say they hire the best, but Google mean it. Our previous receptionist had a law degree.
  • Good projects. Right now, I’m in a team of three engineers, working on a new GMail feature. If we do it well, millions of people will be using our software. That’s the kind of thing that excites me.

I’m planning on staying for a while.

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