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11 PM December 21, 2006

Well, after four and a half years, I’m leaving this job. It’s been a blast. For such a little company, it’s amazingly stuffed with talented, interesting people. Amongst my colleagues are Keith, David, and Neville. Other alumni include Charles Miller (who taught me what a ‘blog’ is) Daniel Bradby and the now famous Gavin King. (Speaking of Gavin King, there are several people here who claim they were in the room during a particular meeting when Hibernate was born. They should blog about that meeting.)

As you might imagine, I have mixed feelings about leaving. I’ve learnt a lot while I’ve been here – about Java, about programming as a craft, and about working with people. I’ll miss the staff and management, and I’ll miss working with the fire brigade. However, it’s time to take on new challenges, so off I go.

The shiny new job starts on January 15, meaning three weeks of relaxing unemployment between now and then.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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At 07:22, 22 Dec 2006 Darren wrote:

Merry Christmas chap.
Good luck with the new job!

At 11:09, 22 Dec 2006 Simon Brunning wrote:

All the best with your new job, and have a good Christmas.

At 16:56, 22 Dec 2006 Joe Grossberg wrote:

Good luck.

Will you be using Python? Django?

At 07:04, 23 Dec 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Make sure you have a nice rest over the 'sunny' part of the year.

At 07:59, 24 Dec 2006 Keith wrote:

Good luck at XXXXX! It's been a pleasure working with you. I've learnt a lot.


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