Rails vs Django Paper and Slides

10 AM December 14, 2006

Following in the steps of beautiful people such as Mary, Keith, Andy,
and Anthony, I’m posting the paper and slides for Ben’s and my OSDC presentation.

For looking at the presentation, I recommend the Open Office version so you can see the animations. Press F5 to start the presentation, then keep pressing space. I should also mention that, during the conclusion, where the slides point to Rails or Django, it’s not an exclusive recommendation, so much as a recommendation to investigate Rails or Django first. Read the paper and use your brain.

The talk itself went over well. Quite a few people mentioned that seeing Rails and Django code side by side was helpful. Here are some photos from Andy, Keith, Wen Lin and Karen Askins. I quite like this one of Ben, but this one of me is just inexplicable. We made everyone stand up during the audience participation section.

Thanks again to everyone who sent us feedback, and a big thanks to Ben for making it possible.

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At 21:35, 14 Dec 2006 Richard wrote:

To see the paper as it appears in the proceedings, you can go here:


At 01:34, 23 Dec 2006 Christopher Arndt wrote:

Interesting comparison. Shows that you only get a real comparison, if more than one person (opinion) is involved.

Is there a text description of the specification of "Habitual Readers" or is the static HTML prototype the reference? I have a mind to try this in TurboGears and do the same measurements :-)

At 18:35, 23 Dec 2006 Steve wrote:

because of your slides, i'm going to take a closer look at django. and i thought rails was nirvana.

At 12:44, 24 Dec 2006 Simon Willison wrote:

I really enjoyed those slides - great use of diagrams, and it looks like the presentation flow was really tightly planned. How long did it take you guys to put together the presentation itself (slides + planning)?

At 18:23, 24 Dec 2006 Adrian Holovaty wrote:

Great presentation. I especially appreciated, in the number-of-advertised-jobs chart, how you included general Python and Ruby job ads. Previous comparisons have compared only Rails vs. Django job ads, which is misleading.

Well done!

At 11:04, 25 Dec 2006 Wouter Van daele wrote:

Nice effort! As you say: it would need more rigorous trials to get a more or less scientific comparison. But even so: some of the strong points of both solutions come out clearly. I would love to see someone do a similar test on Rails vs. Django vs. Grails...

At 15:26, 27 Dec 2006 Terrence Brannon wrote:

_excellent_ paper. I only read the PDF, but it was crystal clear. It gave a well-balanced yet thorough and informative overview of both products.

excellent, excellent, excellent.

At 20:52, 27 Dec 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Simon: Not exactly sure, but it was around 100 hours from Ben and I each, from start to finish.


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