Rails vs Django Paper and Slides

10 AM December 14, 2006

Following in the steps of beautiful people such as Mary, Keith, Andy,
and Anthony, I’m posting the paper and slides for Ben’s and my OSDC presentation.

For looking at the presentation, I recommend the Open Office version so you can see the animations. Press F5 to start the presentation, then keep pressing space. I should also mention that, during the conclusion, where the slides point to Rails or Django, it’s not an exclusive recommendation, so much as a recommendation to investigate Rails or Django first. Read the paper and use your brain.

The talk itself went over well. Quite a few people mentioned that seeing Rails and Django code side by side was helpful. Here are some photos from Andy, Keith, Wen Lin and Karen Askins. I quite like this one of Ben, but this one of me is just inexplicable. We made everyone stand up during the audience participation section.

Thanks again to everyone who sent us feedback, and a big thanks to Ben for making it possible.

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