Tequila Suicide

3 AM November 30, 2006

So my little sister told me of a drinking game called tequila suicide. I had no idea. I live a very sheltered life. Anyway, Youtube has more than twenty videos. They’re pretty much all the same – a few seconds or minutes of stupid, usually shirtless, young men hurting themselves. Must try it someday ;).

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At 03:20, 30 Nov 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

The shirt free aspects or the self harm?

At 02:08, 01 Dec 2006 Rob wrote:

It's so stupid but anyway I should try it))Who's with me?

At 06:18, 01 Dec 2006 hotmuffin wrote:

be thankful youtube doesnt have the vids of stupid, usually shirtless, young women hurting themselves this way (only because i dont allow vids and pics to be taken at my parties).

now youve peeked outside the shelter, should i mention the ipecac challenge?

your little sister (not the charming one) who loves you

At 01:17, 13 Jan 2008 Romero wrote:
haha this is like frikkin funny to do with some friends
 i did it tonight ;o

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