Why Java needs to escape Sun's clutches

11 AM November 15, 2006

At the same time as I had a great big blog dummy spit about a known memory leak in java.util.concurrent, I did the constructive thing and submitted a bug report. My basic point was that, if the code can’t be fixed, the problem and its workaround should at least be noted in the Javadoc.

Several weeks later, the bug report has wound its way through the system and appeared on Sun’s bug database. Sun’s initial evaluation says:

Unfortunately, we don’t modify the javadoc for update releases. This bug is fixed in JDK 6.

Nice to know the code is fixed in the future. Unfortunate indeed that programmers don’t program in the future. (I should expand upon this line of thought for another few sentences, but I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t involve bad words or outrageous condescension. So let’s skip ahead to a new paragraph, and rosier thoughts.)

Perhaps open sourcing Java will help. Perhaps, as control of Java moves more into the hands of the open source community, the JDK engineers will start to have a bit more respect for developers trying to build working software on top of their libraries. They certainly could learn from the way other open source languages treat programmers.

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