Tequila Suicide

3 AM November 30, 2006

So my little sister told me of a drinking game called tequila suicide. I had no idea. I live a very sheltered life. Anyway, Youtube has more than twenty videos. They’re pretty much all the same – a few seconds or minutes of stupid, usually shirtless, young men hurting themselves. Must try it someday ;).

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6 AM November 28, 2006

Anyone out there not bought me Christmas gift, yet? I urge you to consider a chocolate fountain.

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Mmm flame-bait

10 PM November 27, 2006

As flame-bait, Ten reasons why every programmer should learn C is pretty good. It takes a perfectly reasonable proposition, that learning C can be helpful, expresses it as an absolute, then backs it up with ten points, each of which is either misleading, irrelevant, or true only when the universe of programming languages consists entirely of C, C++, C# and Java.

For the record, I think that learning C can be helpful for many programmers. Not only is it an extra language under your belt – C is #2 on the TIOBE index – it is a useful way to learn about using RAM, and it gives an appreciation for the forces shaping C’s successors – C++, Java and C#.

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Why Java needs to escape Sun's clutches

11 AM November 15, 2006

At the same time as I had a great big blog dummy spit about a known memory leak in java.util.concurrent, I did the constructive thing and submitted a bug report. My basic point was that, if the code can’t be fixed, the problem and its workaround should at least be noted in the Javadoc.

Several weeks later, the bug report has wound its way through the system and appeared on Sun’s bug database. Sun’s initial evaluation says:

Unfortunately, we don’t modify the javadoc for update releases. This bug is fixed in JDK 6.

Nice to know the code is fixed in the future. Unfortunate indeed that programmers don’t program in the future. (I should expand upon this line of thought for another few sentences, but I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t involve bad words or outrageous condescension. So let’s skip ahead to a new paragraph, and rosier thoughts.)

Perhaps open sourcing Java will help. Perhaps, as control of Java moves more into the hands of the open source community, the JDK engineers will start to have a bit more respect for developers trying to build working software on top of their libraries. They certainly could learn from the way other open source languages treat programmers.

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Rails vs Django

12 AM November 14, 2006

Ben’s and my Rails vs Django OSDC paper is now up on Google Docs. Please have a read, and, if you have any feedback, leave a comment here, or get in touch via the email addresses at the bottom of the paper.

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Google Tech Talks - video

4 AM November 13, 2006

If you’re a geek with too much time on your hands, you may enjoy these Google Tech Talk videos.

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