Google ate my feeds

3 AM October 4, 2006

I was quite enjoying the new Google Reader for a while there. Then it started showing me items I’d already read. Then it started miscalculating the counts on the left hand side. Now it tells me that I am not subscribed to any feeds at all. It’s not normal for Google to just forget stuff is it?

Update: I was being a doofus. See below.

Actually, I think I have an explanation. I blame Simon. I reckon the sudden shift in Internet traffic patterns, caused by billions around the world wanting to check out the new item on Simon’s RSS feed, broke Google.

Update: Just figured it out. It’s quite interesting, in a way. It turns out I had two Google Accounts under different email addresses, and I was signed into Gmail with one account, and Google Reader with the other. I had just assumed they shared a login session, but obviously not. Just to be sure, I deleted the second account, and I am relieved – beyond my ability to express to any non-geek – to learn Google hadn’t lost my feed list.

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