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1 PM June 14, 2006

Regular visitors will note that this website has changed its name from cardboard.nu to bright-green.com. I’ve been meaning to make the switch for some time now, partly so that people no longer look at me funny when I spell out my email address, and partly because the .nu registrar is a monopoly, with fees to match. The cardboard.nu name doesn’t expire until August, giving everyone time to update their bookmarks.

There is also a new look to match the new name. It makes use of Yahoo’s Grids CSS, which gives reasonable results on both Firefox and IE. If you are a bored geek, you might try twiddling your browser font size up and down. I’m interested in feedback on how the layout works on Safari and Opera.

The title picture is cut and paste from a painting by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, that I found on the Wikimedia Commons. It turns out that using unsharp mask to touch up multi-million dollar paintings is fun.

My new email is alang-at-bright-green-dot-com.

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At 00:17, 15 Jun 2006 Keith Pitty wrote:

So you chose the green and gold to throw your support behind the Socceroos, right?

At 01:07, 15 Jun 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Absolutely. Unfortunately, the timing is rotten. Look what happened, just as soon as I took down the all-blue color scheme: http://www.smh.com.au/news/league/origin-alive-nsw-critical/2006/06/14/1149964608562.html

At 06:15, 15 Jun 2006 Jed Wesley-Smith wrote:

Works a treat on Safari, expands nicely.

At 14:22, 15 Jun 2006 Dave Pinn wrote:

It seems to work just fine and dandy on Opera too.

At 23:06, 15 Jun 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Thanks, gents.

At 09:44, 16 Jun 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

Hmm, as my customers always (don't) say - change good.

The only fly in the ointment is that the calendar doesn't quite size correctly when you reduce the text size in Safari.

Other than that, smashing.

At 06:07, 21 Jun 2006 Jed Wesley-Smtih wrote:

I didn't test making it smaller :-(

At 11:10, 27 Jun 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Fixed! Thanks, guys.


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