Why Is It So? - video

10 PM April 24, 2006

The ABC has put up video excerpts of Why Is It So?, the science program with Professor Julius Sumner Miller. It ran for 23 years, from 1963 to 1986.

With mad-scientist hair and a voice that’s part Dalek, part preacher, Sumner Miller is strangely inspiring as he bounds around his lab. I was particularly taken with this short lecture:

Whatever work you undertake to do in your lifetime it is very important that first you have a passion for it – you know, get excited about it – and second, that you have fun with it – that’s important. Otherwise, you see, your work becomes nothing but an idle chore, and you hate the life you live.

Do you think I have fun with physics? Oh yes! You know that.

—From the first of the ABC‘s video excerpts, Have Fun With Physics.

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