Apache Commons Collections for JDK1.5

11 PM March 13, 2006

I find Apache Commons-Collections quite helpful on occasions. However, being developed pre-JDK1.5, it doesn’t play nice with the newly-generified, standard collection framework in java.util.

Others have had the same thought and it turns out that there are two, independent efforts to port the collections framework to JDK1.5: collection15.sf.net and collections.sf.net.

Bother. Now I have to pick one. As Confucius says, “Man with one watch alway know time. Man with two watch never sure.”

For now, I’m going to use collections.sf.net version, simply because they have a downloadable package, while collection15.sf.net doesn’t seem to.

If anybody out there has experience using either of these packages, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Ditto if you have ideas about the best way to ask the Jakarta Commons people to get an “official” port.

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