OSDC 2005: Neat Links

2 AM December 8, 2005

Just got back from Open Source Developers Conference 2005. Here’s my brain-dump of some neat links, while I remember:

  • Abbot – Java Swing UI testing framework. (One less excuse for not unit testing.)
  • XUL Runner is coming – platform for running XUL applications
  • There are already a few good client-side options for running XForms, including a JavaScript rendering engine, FormFaces, and a Flash rendering engine, DENG. To use either one, you just add it your web pages, along with the XForms markup.
  • Spread provides high-performance, non-durable, cross-platform messaging.
  • PUGS is an implementation of Perl6 in Haskell. Nice to know Perl6 is becoming a reality.
  • If you have a Mozilla browser, go to this URL. It’s a presentation. Click on page and watch slides change. Move the mouse near the top of the page and see what happens. Now do a “view source”. Coooool.
  • GumStix embedded controller – 4Mb RAM, 64Mb flash, and running a full Linux distro, all powered off a 9 volt battery.
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At 11:01, 08 Dec 2005 Andy Todd wrote:

Now, do it all again but make sure you post the links to del.icio.us with a tag of 'osdc2005'

See http://www.halfcooked.com/blog/archives/000996.html


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