Java: All Syntax and No Semantics

6 AM October 21, 2005

Some days, Java is all syntax and no semantics. Today I coded seven levels of indentation in twenty-five lines:

    public void onLogUpdated() {


        try { 

            synchronized (this) {

                final SubscriberMessage next = log.getCurrent();

                if (next == last) {



                last = next;

                new SafeRunnable() {

                    protected void runProtected() throws Exception {

                        if (doesTone) {



                        if (doesAnnounce) {






        } finally {




A few lines of actual functionality and the rest is big heavy structure and great gobs of static typing. Normally when I end up with a scrappy method like this, I can see a simple way to make more understandable - but not today. Anyone have a suggestion for making this method nicer to look at?

Perhaps a cold beverage will help.

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Inside every nerd...

11 PM October 10, 2005

Inside every nerd is a comedian, struggling to get out. We brought a client’s old CVS repository back to the office. I put it onto a server and emailed the CVSROOT details to a colleague. He wrote back:

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

“Check it out”! Get it? Check out ? On a repository! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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