Two-thirds switched to JDK 1.5

10 PM September 7, 2005

This morning I switched our development environment to use the 1.5 runtime libraries. We’ve been deploying on 1.5 JREs for the last 12 months, so all we need to do to complete the switch to JDK 1.5 is to throw away the 1.4 compiler.

The thing is, I’m not sure when would be the right time to move. It will have to happen sometime, as we expect the app to be actively maintained for at least another five years. I did dip my toe in the water at the beginning of the year, but would like hear some real-life stories from developers who have done a complete conversion.

So, does anybody out there have JDK 1.5 stories?

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At 04:30, 08 Sep 2005 Jarno Virtanen wrote:

According to our quick 1.5 try-outs, anything closely related to XML or (more specifically) XSL processing will break. Or maybe it's just Xalan. Not sure yet.

At 10:38, 08 Sep 2005 Darren wrote:

Not switched yet, either at work or at home.

The server I host on needs a re-install before I can do it, the C libs are too old to support JDK 1.5.

Once I get that sorted I'll be switching right away.

At 14:25, 09 Sep 2005 Anjan Bacchu wrote:

hi there,

  at the beginning of this year, we converted a large codebase (400 K LOC) to java 1.5. 

most of the problems we had were to do with Regexes and such.

At the same time, we moved the codebase to work on Linux(headless) and found that we got significant stability and performance improvements.

other issues : enumerations (with apache axis, etc), hell lot of warnings (you're not sure which one is genuinely worth attacking).)



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