What didn't happen in the tearoom today

11 AM August 1, 2005

Concerning a fictional event, in one act. For four players.


  • The Manager
  • Employee without Tea
  • Other Employees (2)

Act I

The Manager has made three cups of tea. He hands one to each of the Other Employees.

Other Employees: Thankyou, thankyou.

The Manager: You're welcome.

The Manager picks up his own cup.

Employee Without Tea: Oh. Where's mine?

TM: I thought you said you didn't want one.

EWT: No, I said I did want one. But it's OK... I'll make my own.

TM: Sorry about that. I'll make one for you.

The Manager gets a cup and teabag from the drawer. He puts the cup next to the jug, puts the teabag in the cup. The he picks up his own cup and steps back.

TM (To EWT): First, boil the jug again, so the water's nice and hot.

Employee Without Tea puts the jug on to boil. The Manager looks on in satisfaction, enjoying his tea. The jug, having just been boiled, reboils in just a few seconds.

TM: Yes, it's important to have the water at the right temperature for tea.

The Other Employees nod vigorously at The Manager's wise pronouncement.

TM: Now, quickly, while the water's still boiling, pour the water into the cup.

Employee Without Tea pours the jug.

TM: OK. And now just jiggle it up and down until it's the colour you want.

Employee Without Tea picks up cup and jiggles the teabag. As he jiggles, he starts to realise who is making the cup of tea.

TM: There you go. Nothing like a good hot cup of tea, is there?

EWT: Err... Thankyou?

TM: You're welcome!

Exit The Manager, job well done.

Just to clarify, yes, this is fictitious. It sprung into my head after hearing just two or three half-sentences emanating from the tea room this morning. Given the people involved, my fanciful imagination is certainly wrong. That said, there are one or two workplaces I've known where it might have happened exactly like that.

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At 10:48, 01 Aug 2005 Darren wrote:

Ah, but surely the definition of a good manager is someone who puts things in place (the cup and the teabag) so that the team members can get on and do the actual work (make the tea).

At 11:35, 01 Aug 2005 Keith Pitty wrote:

Regardless of which parts of your account are fictional, the cuppa was good, albeit after a short delay. And, I had the opportunity to give the boss a serve into the bargain!


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