OSDC 2005

3 AM July 12, 2005

The OSDC website has been updated, and OSDC is on again this year – 5th-7th December, 2005. Last year was a blast, and I’m definitely going this year, if at all possible.

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At 04:03, 14 Jul 2005 Andy Todd wrote:

No word on prices, but as it's a community event I'm presuming the registration fee will be suitably modest.

Having been to Melbourne precisely twice I haven't a clue about the area the campus is in, what's it like? Any tips on accomodation in the area?

At 04:24, 14 Jul 2005 Alan Green wrote:

Yep. Prices are kept down to keep particpation up.

I stayed at an upmarket backpacker's in the city last year (short train-trip to Monash), but, having just had another birthday, and feeling positively middle-aged, I'll aim for a real hotel this year.

At 12:32, 15 Jul 2005 Ross wrote:

Caulfield is quite a nice area, which probably means that accommodation in that part of the world won't be cheap!! Fortunately Caulfield is a major station on the train network so you can theoretically stay anywhere on the train lines which lead to Cranbourne, Pakenham, or Frankston, and still get a train right to the uni...

Melbourne's public transport system is a little kooky though - you don't pay to get to your destination, you pay to travel within a "zone". Caulfield is in zone 1 which means you can travel anywhere from the city to about Oakleigh or Bentleigh all for the same cost (there is a map of the Melbourne train network at http://www.connexmelbourne.com.au/trip_maps/images/networkmap.jpg - zone 1 is the yellow bit), which probably overwhelms you with options!!! (Caulfield is in the bottom right quadrant of the map, the junction where 2 lines split. I would happily stay in any of the suburbs in zone 1 on those train lines (but probably not further out than zone 1 to be honest)... major places where you could probably find accommodation would be Caulfield, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, but anywhere around there will be ok to stay.

If you've got a few people all looking, there are a few sets of units / townhouses in Oakleigh where you can get a 3-4 bedroom unit with a kitchen etc so you can save some money self-catering.

Hope that helps!

At 11:33, 19 Jul 2005 Selena wrote:

I heard too that it was a blast last year, but as much as I wish to go in december I can't :(
If you'll go maybe you'll tell us how it was, won't you?


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