Evil Call Centre Patent

12 AM July 8, 2005

I have an idea. If I worked for – say – a large, US-based manufacturer of enterprise telephony equipment, then I’d definitely take it to my manager and attempt to get a patent on it. However, since I work for a small consulting company that doesn’t have money to spend on IP lawyers, it’s probably better that I publish.

Bah. It’s probably already patented anyway.

OK. Here it is…

In call centers, an important statistic is the length of time customers are kept waiting in queue before somebody answers. One tactic already used by some call centers is to monitor the projected waiting time, and, if it exceeds a certain threshold, reject all incoming calls until the call length falls below another threshold. Rather than reject calls, I propose that newer callers be given Whitney Houston or Celine Dion for hold music.

The main advantage of this system is that callers desperate to speak to the call center will still be able to get through, while less persistent customers are encouraged to drop off.

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