Too much Java for one PC

7 PM May 19, 2005

At work, we’re looking for ways to reduce memory usage. Our development PCs are straining at the sides, even with 1Gb of memory.

The distributed system we are building will deploy with two central controller processes and fify kiosk processes. For developer testing, we run a smaller configuration:

  • 1 Kiosk (70–100Mb)
  • 1 Central controller (70–100Mb)
  • A test load generator (70–100Mb)
  • Chainsaw, for viewing logs (50–250Mb)

Makes me pine for a simple, light-weight J2EE architecture.

Add in WebSphere MQ and the normal Windows cruft, and 1Gb is barely enough memory for this job. As Keith mentioned, we’re moving from WebSphere Express to Jetty. We’re also changing from Hypersonic SQL to MS SQL Server, which saves us another 30 to 50Mb.

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