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11 PM March 29, 2005

Cygwin is a blessing for all us unix-backgrounded developers hacking out a living on Windows boxen. Last night I came across a new Cygwin package, chere, a tool for adding shell prompt options to the Explorer right-click menu.

It is possible to do it yourself by mucking around in Explorer's File Types options page, but why bother when you can use one chere command instead?

    chere -ian2 -s bash

The downside is that you will have to be careful who uses your computer afterwards - the created menu item says "Bash here".

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Spam Template

7 PM March 13, 2005

It's interesting to see the kinds of spam that makes it past Gmail's filters. I got this one yesterday:

Subject: Message subject





%RND_BUY_TAG. Visit us today. 

Best regards,

Ronda Neff

I hope noone teaches Ronda Neff how to write a script that works.

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Python Meetup Links

7 AM March 10, 2005

Some of the stuff that came up:

Casey: Python Decorator Library

Adam: Type O Negative with “Hit me Baby One More Time”



Alan Milligan:

TTS Links (Aussie accents):

  • Scansoft (the voice of Karen, our timekeeper)

Graham Dumpleton:

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Python Meetup Tonight

10 PM March 9, 2005

The Sydney Python Meetup group is on tonight, with the topic “Web Application Frameworks”.

All the details are on

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Bloody Brilliant

12 AM March 3, 2005

Garth Kidd has been messing with Windows thread priorities from Python. He writes,

It’s easy to fire up Task Manager to lower the process priority, but I much prefer to automate it so I looked for a way for Python to adjust its own priority. I couldn’t find anything in win32all to do the job, so I did it the “hard” way: a quick Google search for process priority told me the entry point for the API, and ctypes made it trivial to call it…

Excellent. I have to do that later this week, and my first stop was going to be win32all too. Thanks for sharing, Garth.

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