March 10 is Python Meetup Day

11 AM February 15, 2005

7:00pm on the second Thursday of each month is the default time for Python meetup groups all over the world. That’s March 10 for next month. I suppose it’s supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy, knowing that there are little groups of true believers congregating at the same time, all over the world.1

If you’re interested in meeting with other Python programmers, it’s worth checking to see if there’s a meetup group near you. If not, you can always start one.

Here in Sydney, we’re meeting at the James Squire Brewhouse, starting 6:30, Thursday March 10. Hope to see you there!

1 Allowing for timezones.

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At 13:04, 15 Feb 2005 Simon Brunning wrote:

The London group seems to be leaning towards Wednesdays. Which, given the time difference, just means that we'll be getting pissed half a day before you rather than half a day after. ;-)


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