Blog birthday #2

10 AM January 30, 2005

Well, it’s that time of year again, my weblog is a year older as of last Friday, which means I indulge myself another with a post about how cool it is to be weblogging.

But first, “Hi!” to everyone who reads. I appreciate your comments – they brighten my day. An extra big “G’day” to Christine, for her comment. 1

Second, thanks to all my blogging friends. I enjoy reading you, and I also learn from you. Particular thanks to Charles and Simon, whose writing styles continue to inspire me. If I could write half as well, half as much as you guys, I’d feel like a hero.

In addition, Charles continues to give me posting privileges to his quicklinks weblog, which has proved an interesting diversion. It’s also neat because quicklinks has a larger readership than my own weblog, though perhaps smaller than it might be if Charles didn’t allow me to post all kinds of random bizzarities. Thanks Charles!

Onwards to the self indulgence. Things that happened this last year:

  • I rewrote my weblogging software, twice!
  • Posted 206 entries.
  • Fielded 599 comments on my weblog.
  • Got seriously sucked into reading and commenting on Australian political weblogs in the few months leading up to the Australian elections. I feel better now.
  • Sorted and weeded my bloglines feeds at least five times, and still have too much to read.

My favourite posts from this year were these two exchanges with Carl Fyffe. We both managed to be polite, despite discussing topic we both felt very strongly about, and in the end I came to understand where he is coming from, and why he thinks as he does.

I’m also proud2 of causing the Sydney Morning Herald to pull one of Microsoft’s ads from their website, of dissing Samsung for turning the Olympic flame relay into a mobile advertisement, although that complaint had considerably less effect.

Blogging continues to cause me to improve my writing.3 I’ve read three books on writing this last year, which is two more than I ever have before. My Internet skin continues to grow thicker, but I can use more practice their too :)

Looking forward to this next year, I plan to be posting longer, more in-depth articles, but far less often than I have been. There’s plenty of interesting things going on in the Python and Groovy worlds and I think the world needs to know.

I’ve started a new weblog, where I’ll be posting non-technical items. I’ll post the URL when it has some meaningful content.

And that’s it for this year. Catch you all next year for’s third birthday post. Happy reading!

1 My weblog is the #1 Google hit for cardboard properties. Hehe.

2 I did mention that this post was going to be self-indulgent, didn’t I?

3 Except that I still don’t feel particularly squeamish about using the word ‘blog’ as either a noun or a verb. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if – after only a few drinks – I were to write “my blog bloggishly blogs my blogedly blogging habits,” or something equally stupid.

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Freeform Confluence poetry

10 AM January 30, 2005
That's our old wiki.
We don't really use it anymore anyway.
We're going to shut it down someday.
We're using Confluence for our website and wiki.
-- Guillame Laforge's reply to groovy-user when asked about a broken page.

You know a product is good when people start writing poetry about it.

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