Things to do 2005

11 PM January 10, 2005

The new year is getting underway and once again I find there are far too many interesting things to do. Real Life™ is also crowding in; I have to make decisions about how to spend the limited time I can devote to my computing hobby. Here are my current lists.

Definitely Do in 2005

  • Get a Python meetup group going in Sydney.
  • Blog more about my work projects.
  • Go to OSDC again. I will be submitting at least one paper and want to do a lightning talk as well.

Like To Do in 2005

  • Release the KangaPy source. This is something I promised to do before, but just can’t seem to find time to do. Ted Landis even offered to pay me.

Won’t Do in 2005

Things that there just isn’t enough time to do:

  • Play any MMRORPG.
  • Blog more often than I currently am.
  • Learn any more programming languages.
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