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10 AM January 4, 2005

I just took the back off our washing machine (11 screws), disconnected two internal hoses, took an electic motor off its mounting, cleaned out a blocked pump and then put it all back together with no missing parts, and no left over parts.

To my complete astonishment, there wasn’t even a small leak when I successfully washed a trial load. The eight-inch high flood wall I had constructed out of dirty towels was for nought.

I am so proud of me.

It wasn’t a one man effort, though. My cat helped out by sitting on the screwdrivers after I openned the case. I was really pleased about that. It’s important to keep the idle screwdrivers warm, especially if you are going to need several sizes and types in quick succession. He also lay down on the socket set when I openned that too.

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At 20:26, 04 Jan 2005 Chris wrote:


I spent the weekend removing our Hills Hoist clothesline from the backyard. It has been replaced with a newer, sleeker, stealth, pull-out line along the side of the house installed with the assistance of enslaved parents-in-law earlier in the Christmas break.

I lifted the top off without killing any children or pets. I dug a hole big enough to lift out the 80-100kg of concrete lollypop that anchors it in place and then used an advanced landscape refactoring technique I refer to as the lever, sweat, cursing pattern. Finally I hack-sawed through the rusted entrails to turn it into council clean-up-day-compatible pieces.

Alastair informed me that what I had done was l33t hack-sawing, but I think it was more like old-school hack-sawing.

I feel so un-Australian.

At 08:08, 05 Jan 2005 David Pinn wrote:

But how did you use the angle grinder? There is a place for an angle grinder in every handyman job, you know.


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