A Boolean Rant

10 PM September 20, 2004

I’d like to take a moment to thank whoever it was who decided that Boolean should not implement Comparable in JDK 1.4. It must have been tough avoiding the temptation to add the five lines to the JDK, especially since Byte, Character, Short, Long, Float, Double, and String all have a compareTo() method.

Not only does this masterstroke assist the relentless fight against JDK bloat, it also causes some particularly bizzare ClassCastExceptions, enhancing my reputation amongst those that treat Java programmers like animist witch doctors, and assuring my continued employment.

So, thankyou. Thankyou so much.

(Sadly, this feature has been removed in JDK 1.5. As a workaround, I suggest throwing ClassCastExceptions from a java.util.TimerTask.)

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War Costs

5 PM September 20, 2004

The cost of war in Iraq so far:


I have to wonder if the US government could have justified running such a deficit to support on a less deadly solution to the danger of WMDs, introducing democracy to the Middle East, removing a dictator, or securing an oil supply. I don't think they could have.

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