An Honest Politician

3 AM August 15, 2004

I wish more politicians as honest as Ross Cameron. While admitting that he had been “unfaithful” to his wife he says:

I think people are entitled to have a more unvarnished view of who I am if I’m asking them to vote for me.


I don’t want people to feel like I’m using Christianity or my kids to get re-elected.

While I don’t applaud Mr Cameron’s infidelity, I do applaud his choice to not spin or lie his way around this issue.

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At 09:52, 22 Aug 2004 Mat Cooke wrote:

What worries be about this situation is that in the next election, given that the poles are touting a large enough swing against Ross Cameron for him to lose his seat, the blam will be palced on his infidelity, rather than (a more likely) backlash against John Howard.

I can feel the liberal party spin control starting up on this issue already.

At 17:42, 23 Aug 2004 Juan Stang wrote:


You put unfaithful in quotes, even though that's the only word you quote -- this implies a singling out, usually for critical purposes -- and then you say that you wish more politicians were as honest as he was. Uh, what?

Dude, he cheated on his wife. I'd say most politicians are about as honest as he is.

People are entitled to have a more "unvarnished" view? Yeah, I'd say lying to your wife and four children while screwing another woman is fairly unvarnished, not to mention patently dishonest. Listen, maybe you like the guy's politics, maybe he's a fine public servant, yadda, yadda, yadda, but let's just not call him honest, okay? He just got caught. Doh!

He says he doesn't want to use Christianity as a means for reelection. Yeah, all right. Well, let's not use homespun, dirt-kicking, aw-shucks-I'm-only-hyooman-after-all faux honesty as a way to do it either, 'k?

At 10:06, 24 Aug 2004 Alan Green wrote:

I'm not voting Liberal this election, so Ross Cameron wouldn't get my vote even if I lived in Parramatta.

My point is that while Cameron has failed to meet his own high standards, he is not pretending and he hasn't just lowered his moral bar - as Clinton famously did. I'd rather vote for someone that has proven personal standards - gay, straight, whatever - than somebody that constructs a new morality eachj day, depending on talkback radio and the latest poll.

At 00:07, 05 Oct 2006 sheera bright wrote:

why do you want yo be a christian.

At 00:12, 05 Oct 2006 penny light wrote:

i am a christian and i really love God and if your life is for God your whole life will change.


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