WS-Sanity = WS-Simpler?

4 AM May 3, 2004

I was heartened to see Tim Bray allude to a body of work within Sun known as “WS-Sanity”.

Currently, gaining a working knowledge of Web Services requires reading well over one thousand pages. I sincerely hope that Tim’s work at Sun will reduce that number.

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At 04:35, 03 May 2004 Alan Green wrote:

The language is a bit stilted because it's an entry in the Pascal String Challenge -

At 08:55, 12 May 2004 Richard Atkins wrote:

Looks to me like thar be a boog here: the URL format magic cut off you beautiful hyperlink at the first underscore...

At 08:57, 12 May 2004 Richard Atkins wrote:

Nice work on the new site, BTW. Very clean and straightforward. Just a pity there's no bug-raising page (that I can see, but then I am going blind from all this Java code...)


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