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9 PM March 3, 2003

My name is Alan Green. If you are reading this in the few months after I wrote it, I'm 33. I'm also married with two children and slowly going grey in a dashing, distinguished kind of way.

I work in a boutique (small, high quality) J2EE consultancy located in the CBD. As well as Java and J2EE, I have commercial experience in a wide range of other languages - Python, Smalltalk and C++ through to COBOL, Rexx and Assembler. From a public exposure point of view, the highlight of my resume is the Qantas web site, where I did a portion of the original Frequent Flyer functionality.

After 15+ years in the industry I still enjoy programming. I haven't told my boss though, as he might start charging me to come to work.

I live in Penrith, Sydney, Australia, which is where the rowing was for the 2000 Olympics. Here is an amusingly inaccurate map of the area - I live near where the little dude is shooting a target, next to the freeway. Thirty or forty years ago, Penrith was a little country town and I get a real kick out of talking to people who can remember how it used to be, with dirt roads and planes landing on the farm paddocks.

My local church is Kingswood Anglican. I might also describe it as boutique except that there is nothing pretentious about it. Good friends and good teaching are the highlights and we've been there ten years or so. Church soaks up most of my time not spent with family, work, computers or house maintenance.

That's me. If you'd like to send me a message, please leave a comment on this entry or email at avgreen-at-cardboard.nu. (Please keep in mind that I don't want to hear about:

  • buying anything,
  • legal-but-shady deals to move large amounts of money around the world,
  • stock tips, or
  • anything at all related to Bio-Tec.)

Enjoy the rest of this site!

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I Blame OptusNet Cable

5 AM March 3, 2003

I was going to write a nice article comparing OptusNet Cable with other cable service providers here in Australia. However, the cable connection has been dodgy these past few days - sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

Optus sent out a technician, who saw the problem, but it went away when he poked some things. He swapped a signal splitter out when I basically insisted that he do something. That afternoon, the connection dropped in and out four or five times.

There has been a bit of rain around - I wonder if some water got into a coax cable in the wall or under the house?

There is another technician coming out on Tuesday. We'll see what happens. Meanwhile, these posts will be a bit erratic.

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