No Angst

9 PM January 28, 2003

I've decided. No angst on this blog. Sure, if I'm upset, I'll say so. But no whinging.

Every second blog seems to have some at least one whiny, angst-ridden message of personal unhappiness. Some of them are really quite funny but all-in-all it ends up quite petty, so I'll be avoiding that.

That is all.

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Alan the Christian

8 PM January 28, 2003

I'm a "Christian". But what does that mean?

On one level it's an easy question to answer. "Christian" literally means that I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus is God, I believe God made the universe, and I believe that the Bible is God's word.

Now, all kinds of people have claimed to Christian and believe as much. All kinds - some cruel, some kind, some generous, some mean, some foolish, some wise, some likeable and some truly ugly indeed. And you can multiply that by number of different denominations. "Christian" is not a narrow label.

For me "Christian" is this: I have a relationship with the Planner, Builder and Shepherd of the Universe. The relationship is precious to me, but it must be even more precious to God, since he bought it with his own death. And I am extremely grateful to him.

God lovingly uses me to advance his good purposes in the universe. Important things are happening and God is letting me be part of it. The whole deal is so amazingly huge that I know I'll never get my head around it. And I'm going to heaven.

Being a follower of Jesus is hard too. God doesn't promise an easy life for his followers. I wrestle with my nature so as not to slip into disrespect for God. Choices I make in life are not necessarily wise from a worldly wise point of view. Jesus doesn't magically take away all the pain and bad things in life. I often fail God, my family and myself. God is always waiting for me though, patient, kind and loving.

So that's me. One foot on Earth, the other in Heaven.

This blog chronicles my one-foot-in-each-camp "Christian Life". Feel free to ask questions and challenge my writing and attitudes.

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